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As announced at the beginning of the conference organization, ICSDI is mainly aiming to connect Talent with Opportunity. In the same line, we are very keen on recognizing the talent and distinguished authors, presenters, or organizers who contributed significantly to this event.


In this regard, the ICSDI Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the list of the awards that will be distributed at the Gala Dinner, and the closing ceremony planned on Monday, February 2, 18:00 to 21:00 PM, at the Main Auditorium, Building 104, G floor.


Best wishes for all…

1.Best Paper Awards [6 Awards]

This Award will be given to the Best paper in each of the six tracks that will be presented within ICSDI 2022. The criteria that will be followed to select the best paper is mentioned below:

Eligibility Criteria:

An ICSDI paper is eligible for the best conference paper if:

●  Full-length paper is submitted,

●  At least one of the authors attended the conference and presented the paper (physical or virtual) during the regular conference sessions.


Selection Criteria:

All the full-length papers will be tested against the following criteria:

  • Technical excellence: it is assessed by the accuracy of the methods and measurements, reproducibility, and conciseness of the full contents of the paper.

  • Innovation: This includes the originality of the method and/or concept, the novelty of the findings, and the possibility to turn the paper's main conclusions into real-life application.

  • Significance to the research community: This includes the contribution of the paper to the progress in the field and the added scientific knowledge, technical capability, and/or clinical practice after this paper. In addition, the help and support that the current study can provide to future researchers is considered.

  • Impact: which is assessed by the accomplishments in the research, the effectiveness, purpose, diversity, and empowerment of the research methods.

  • Clarity: in both the paper and the presentation that includes the clarity of the concepts, the completeness of the methodology, and the fairness in the discussion of the main findings.

2.Best Presentation Awards [6 Awards]

This Award will be given to the Best presentation in each of the six tracks that will be presented within ICSDI 2022. The criteria that will be followed to select the best presentation is mentioned below:

Selection Criteria:

  • Presentation: This is assessed based on the effective communication with the audience, the well-structured presentation, the engagement of the audience, the confidence and natural, and the successful summarization and closure of the presentation.

3.Student Awards [3 Awards]

As announced before, a valuable student competition will be organized during the ICSDI Conference time. This competition is entitled: Innovate Today for A Sustainable Tomorrow

Rules and Regulations 2022-1-1.jpg

28 student teams are competing on this contest, Each student team should perform comprehensive research and address one of the significant problems that recently harm our society/ Environment. Address the problem and state it probably. Suggest an innovative sustainable solution for the addressed problem. The suggested solution can be presented as:


a. Research Presentation,

b. Design Model,

c. or Prototype.

The Final Round of this Competition will be: Sunday, February 20, 2022, at 15:00 PM, in the Main Auditorium, B101, G Floor. 


The first three winning teams will be rewarded the following prizes:

  • 1st Prize

  • 2000 SAR, and certificates.

  • 2nd Prize

  • 1500 SAR, and certificates.

  • 3rd Prize

  • 1000 SAR, and certificates.

For more information about the judging criteria, please navigate to:

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