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Lectures and Workshops

A. The 3rd PSU Green Building Forum

3rd PSU Green Building Forum Poster.jpg

The PSU Green Building Forum is organized by the PSU USGBC Membership, launched in 2016 as the first Saudi university to become an official USGBC organization member. The PSU Green Building Forum has been held at Prince Sultan University every two years to listen to the opinion and suggestions of related green building experts to develop the Saudi Green Building Industry in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 policy for which the Saudi government is ambitious. In particular, the Forum rewards green building experts who have obtained LEED credentials through the event and contributes to fostering more green building experts in Saudi Arabia. So far, the PSU USGBC Membership has produced 18 LEED AP(Accredited Professional) & 33 LEED GA(Green Associate) holders and has increased to 236 regular members, who are PSU students, alumni, faculty members, including external green building experts.

Session 1 (4:15pm – 4:45pm)

•PSU USGBC Membership and Education Program – Eng.TaeYeual, LEED APs

•LEED Credential & Exam Preparation – Ms. Albatol Alzamil, LEED AP


Session 2 (4:45pm – 5:15pm)

•Keynote Speaker: Dr. Mohammed Al Surf

•Topic : “Driving impact through sustainable development and environmental leadership in Saudi Arabia’s built environment”

•USGBC Faculty, LEED® AP BD+C, TRUE® Advisor, ISSP® SEA, Green Classroom Professional®, Mostadam® AP.

•Regional Manager – Market Development – Saudi Arabia

•Green Business Certification Institute (GBCI)


Session 3 (5:15pm – 5:30pm)

•LEED Credential Award Ceremony for LEED GA/AP Holders

Register to the Forum:

B. Workshop: Additive Manufacturing of Electromagnetic Shields and Guiding Structures with UV 3D Printers


Wireless chargers for electric vehicles and mobile devices have become attractive for researchers all over the world. This is because wireless chargers totally abolish the hassle of long charging cables. For example, a parking lot with individual wireless chargers implemented at each parking spot is sought to be more sustainable than its counterpart that has wired chargers with long thick cables scattered all over the place. This increased sustainability comes at the cost of a higher safety and health risk associated with the leakage of electromagnetic fields from wireless chargers. Thus, high-efficiency electromagnetic shields and guiding structures have become of great importance. There are a few recently developed ideas about how to build underground wireless chargers with fairly good shielding characteristics. In this workshop, these ideas are going to be presented in detail. Additive manufacturing techniques used to build such electromagnetic structures are the main focus of this workshop. An ultraviolet 3D printer with liquid resin as the printing material is used in this workshop. The workshop is based on a hands-on approach to give the audience a practical experience with sustainable low-cost manufacturing techniques of complex electric conducting systems.

For more information about the Workshop, please read the file below:

Register to the Workshop:

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