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Special Topics for ICSDI 2021



1. Manufacturing and Industrial Systems towards Sustainability

Manufacturing and Industrial Systems towards Sustainability

  • Current progress in Industry 4.0

  • Future prospect of Industry 5.0

  • Sustainable Manufacturing systems

  • Sustainable industrialization

  • Product life cycle Assessment

  • Cyber-Physical Systems

  • Manufacturing value-added

  • Lean Manufacturing

  • CO2 Emissions Mitigation

  • Hybrid manufacturing

  • Remanufacturing industries

  • Product Design and Development

  •  Quality Control and Management

  • Reliability and Maintenance

  • Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing

Sustainable Construction Technologies and Materials


Utilization  of Petroleum industries Wastes for construction

Cementless Materials

Sustainable spray-based 3D printing construction Materials

low-cost Sustainable materials

Sustainability indicators integration into project management

Energy Piles and Geothermal systems

Environment-friendly ground improvement innovations

Resilient Infrastructure

Green Buildings

Greenhouse gas emissions

Sustainable Construction techniques

Recycling Oily sludge

Environmentally-friendly Drilling methods

Hazardous pollutants at construction sites

2. Sustainable Construction Technologies and Materials

Energy Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Clean Energy, and affordability

  • Renewable Energy Generation and Technologies

  • Energy conversion and efficiency 

  • Futuristic Technologies for Smart micro Grids

  • AI, Big Data and IOT in energy systems

  • Energy storage and Hydrogen Fuel Cells

  • EV and Charging Infrastructures

  • Grid Interactive Buildings and BIPVs

  • Power Quality and Grid Reliability

  •  Energy management, policy, and economics

  • Rural Electrification and Community Grid

  • Emerging and Hybrid Technologies

  • Alternative clean Energy Systems

  • Ocean and Hydropower Technologies

  •  Bio and Alternative Fuel

3. Energy Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities

Sustainable Urbanization and Smart Cities

Sustainable urban planning and land use

Communication technologies and emerging trends

Sustainable Cities and Villages

Sustainable Mobility and Transportation systems

Intelligent Infrastructure

Zero-Energy Buildings

Green Concept

Climate change

Smart and Autonomous Vehicle

Sustainable use of oceans and marine resources

Design response to rising sea levels

Artificial intelligence

Drones and Robotic applications to sustainable living

Internet of things and Smart Homes

Waste Management Concepts

4. Sustainable Urbanization and Smart Cities

Sustainability and Built Environment

  • Sustainable Heritage Development

  • Sustainable Eco-tourism

  • Sustainable Landscape

  • Climate Change Adaptation

  • Sustainable Design Approach

  • Sustainability and Natural Disaster

  • Disaster and Resilience in the Built Environment

  • Sustainability and Community-led Design 

  • Energy Efficiency in Sustainable Design

  • Design for low environmental impact

  • Design for waste reduction

  • Design for longevity and flexibility

  • Design for healthy environments

  • Design in post-COVID scenario

  • Sustainability and post-oil Gulf cities

5. Polices, Regulations and Economic Assessments towards SDGs

Polices, Regulations and Economic Assessments towards SDGs

Built environment, Forest, Land use policy

Saudi Vision 2030

Long-term policy

Operation model

Sustainable Cities Design Standards

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)

Policy integration

Green Development assessment 

LEED green rating systems

Sustainability indicators and Assessment tools

Self-sustainable assessment in households and smart buildings.

Sustainable energy consumption and decentralized generation assessment in the industrial sector.

Assessment of renewable and sustainable energy potential from geographical and geopolitical aspects.

Techno-economic considerations of sustainable and renewable energy transitions.

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